Shot blasting and surface treatment

Shot blasting removes rust, mill scale and other impurities, surface treatment protects steel during transport, storage and production

Shot blasting is similar to sand blasting, and it involves blasting small metal grains to the steel surface. Shot blasting removes all excess material that is loosely attached to the steel surface, such as dirt, dust, rust or mill scale remaining on the surface after production. Shot blasting reduces the number of work phases in the further treatment of steel and makes the production of, for example, external structures for hot-dip galvanizing easier.

Protective coating protects the steel products during transportation and construction. Please note that the surface treatment is not the same as primer coating, although it is possible to paint on the treated surface.

Technical data of shot blasting and surface treatment
Width:max. 2,400 mm
Height:max. 500 mm
Length:24 m
Wall thickness:min. 4 mm
Paint Teknos Korro A
Thickness:20 my
Paint Teknos Korro ss
Thickness:20 my
Product:Zinc silicate