Building systems by Schüco and Jansen

Aluminium building systems by Schüco offer endless opportunities for combining innovative technology with high thermal insulation values and good functionality. The systems are extensively tested, which guarantees that the structures are durable and suitable for even demanding applications.

The products we stock in Forssa cover systems for uninsulated doors and walls, ADS50NI. Thermally insulated door and window systems ADS/AWS 70 and 75. Facade system FWS50+. Fire door system ADS80 and smoke exhaustion equipment.

We store the profiles without surface treatment, and they can be either baked enamel finished or anodized.

Steel building systems by Jansen provide durable solutions even for demanding applications. The systems are extensively tested, which guarantees a safe use of the structures.

Our warehouse in Hattula covers systems for uninsulated Economy 50 and 60 doors, heat insulated Janisol and Janisol HI door systems, and fire door systems Janisol 2 and Janisol C4. We also stock the most common accessories related to these systems.