Hollow bars made from easy-to-machine E470 steel grade

Hollow bars often bring notable savings in material and machining costs for all perforated pieces. Our extensive stock contains the most common product sizes, and if needed, we can deliver the full EN 10294-1 size range in various steel grades from the factory.

Guaranteed dimensions according to EN 10294-1. Guaranteed dimensios are valid for pieces of length < 3 x manufacturing OD or 200 mm, whichever is smaller. For longer lengths, the straightness of tubes has to be considered.

Steel grade E470

Length tolerance 5–9 m

Straightness tolerance 1 mm per each meter for hollow bars with steel grade E470.

Tubes with nominal diameter <50 mm are cold drawn.

More sizes and steel grades (for example, E590K2, E420J2, E355) are available from the producer.

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